Joseph Parker was able to retain his WBO heavyweight title as he fought challenger Hughie Fury.

Parker retained his belt by majority decision, winning 118-110, 114-114, 118-110.

For Fury, he felt he had done enough to get a draw or get the belt off Parker from the fight but he really was on the back foot for most of it.

Fury, 23 and trained by his father Peter, landed some top punches but he also received decent measure in return. He failed in his shot at the world title as the New Zealand fighter retained his title after the Manchester Arena bout. His camp was angered by the results but analysts would say his caution cost him his shot.

In boxing now, there is record scrutiny over fight scorecards, with judges’ every record and named winner per round analysed to the end.

Manny Pacquiao To Fight In Australia

Those who are fans of Manny Pacquiao would be looking forward to seeing him fight for the first time in Australia.

This would be his defense of the welterweight title he holds of WBO. The fight would be against Jeff Horn. The fight is scheduled to take place on July 1st and the venue of the fight is Suncorp stadium in Brisbane. There was also a fight with Amir Khan that he was scheduled to take on but the Ramadan timings have led to the fight being cancelled for the time being. Indeed, the fight with Khan being called off has led to the fight being scheduled in Australia.

Manny Pacquiao would be fighting for the first time in Australia. Being a Filipino who has under him four major world belts that he obtained in six different weight classes is recognized as a champion in eight divisions. There was a showdown scheduled between him and Amir Khan but that stands cancelled for the time being.


Legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao has defeated his opponent Jessie Vargas to emerge with the WBO welterweight title.

After a tough faceoff between the two boxers, Pacquiao beat the champ and won the match by unanimous decision.

For Pacquiao, the win might signify a possible arrangement for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather or a bout with Terrence Crawford. On his return to the ring, Pacquiao showed his fans that he deserves all the hype he gets.

The fight ended by unanimous decision in his favor as he was awarded the WBO welterweight title. The tough three-round fight ended with Pacquiao dominating every round with a score margin 114-113, 118-111, 118-111. As expected both boxers brought an impressive Package to the ring as they were both daunting in the first round.

As the second round swung by, Pacquiao dealt Vargas a flash knockdown quickly swinging the duel in his favor early into the round. In the third round, Vargas had stepped in with a left hook but was caught off guard by the opponent, seeing his opening Pacquiao took the shot and put him down with a short jab to own the round.

Ronda Rousey Can Defeat Floyd Mayweather According To Manny Pacquiao

The 36 years old professional boxer from Philippines, Manny Pacquiao who is a world champion is among those who think that the current champion of UFC bantamweight women’s category, Ronda Rousey can defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.; the American professional boxer who has not yet suffered a single loss in his professional career in a no holds barred fight. Pacquiao said that he believes that it is possible. He said that Ronda Rousey is in fact a very strong fighter and it is likely that she will defeat Mayweather in a mixed martial arts match. Floyd Mayweather did not make any comment in this regard.

There can be a number of reasons behind Pacquiao making the aforementioned statement. One of them is the fact that he has said earlier that he is a friend of Ronda Rousey. Manny Pacquiao will fight Floyd Mayweather on 2nd May this year so, that might also be one of the reasons why Pacquiao said this. Ronda Rousey became famous abruptly and she has proven herself as a brilliant Mixed Martial Artist already and that is the reason for her being hypothetically compared with other excellent athletes.

Johny Hendricks Contemplating Retirement Post Brutal Weight Cut

MMA star Johny Hendricks is reportedly contemplating retirement post brutal weight cut at welterweight UFC 181 title defense.

The rumor seemed confirmed when the star appeared skinny on the bout’s weigh-in scale & was further reinforced as Johny appeared a step below in losing out his otherwise sure title to Lawler (Robbie) in tight-split decision.

Johny’s weight was real bad and everybody was shocked to find him pondering over retirement after the bout instead of fighting through it once again.

“It’s either (a change in approach) or retirement”, stated Hendricks. “That is how bad this weight-cut was.”

Mario Pacquiao ambitious of becoming a public figure

Mario Pacquiao is a boxing legend from the Philippines. He has been around the MMA circuit for quite a number of years. The southpaw is known for his agility and strength which has been instrumental in his success in spite of his lack of height. He was named as the fighter of the decade in the 2000s by the most influential boxing organizations of the world. Apart from being a legend in boxing he has also been associated with sports like basketball and other fields of interest like politics and acting.

Mario Pacquiao started boxing at a very early age from Manila. He went on to represent his national team at an early age and was soon a very popular figure. He fought in the categories of light flyweight, flyweight, and super bantamweight, and featherweight, lightweight, welterweight and was the champion in mist of these categories. His first stint with acting was on 2005 and later he went on to share screen space with the legendary Sylvester Stallone. A biopic on his life also came out in his native country. It was in 2007 that he chose to contest the elections for the liberal party but had finally contested it under KAMPI and lost the elections. It was in 2013 that he achieved some success on the political front.  The latest dream of his that came true was being drafted as the coach and player of Kia Sorentos. He was the shortest and the oldest rookie to be drafted by any basketball team in their squad. There was a low in his career regarding the tax evation case however he continues to remain a national hero. The people are in absolute awe of their champion and Mario Pacquiao himself remains optimistic about his success in whatever path of life he chooses to be in.