Legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao has defeated his opponent Jessie Vargas to emerge with the WBO welterweight title.

After a tough faceoff between the two boxers, Pacquiao beat the champ and won the match by unanimous decision.

For Pacquiao, the win might signify a possible arrangement for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather or a bout with Terrence Crawford. On his return to the ring, Pacquiao showed his fans that he deserves all the hype he gets.

The fight ended by unanimous decision in his favor as he was awarded the WBO welterweight title. The tough three-round fight ended with Pacquiao dominating every round with a score margin 114-113, 118-111, 118-111. As expected both boxers brought an impressive Package to the ring as they were both daunting in the first round.

As the second round swung by, Pacquiao dealt Vargas a flash knockdown quickly swinging the duel in his favor early into the round. In the third round, Vargas had stepped in with a left hook but was caught off guard by the opponent, seeing his opening Pacquiao took the shot and put him down with a short jab to own the round.

Pacquiao added more pressure as he had already overwhelmed Vargas with his knockdown, but this did not deter Vargas as he aimed for a knockout, fighting back strongly.

However, as the fight progressed, it became apparent that Vargas needed the stoppage, the fighter looked overwhelmed with fatigue and his quick jabs became more sluggish allowing Pacquiao to cross over the finish line.

In an interview after the fight, Pacquiao admitted that he was a bit cautious of Vargas’s counter attack.

“I feel happy because I’m trying every round to knock him down, it’s why I’m always aggressive but not careless. I’m very careful to go inside because I know he’s going to counter me. I feel I can do more but my aim every round is to knock him out.”


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