Johny Hendricks Contemplating Retirement Post Brutal Weight Cut

MMA star Johny Hendricks is reportedly contemplating retirement post brutal weight cut at welterweight UFC 181 title defense.

The rumor seemed confirmed when the star appeared skinny on the bout’s weigh-in scale & was further reinforced as Johny appeared a step below in losing out his otherwise sure title to Lawler (Robbie) in tight-split decision.

Johny’s weight was real bad and everybody was shocked to find him pondering over retirement after the bout instead of fighting through it once again.

“It’s either (a change in approach) or retirement”, stated Hendricks. “That is how bad this weight-cut was.”

Johny, who was usual to have weight cut during amateur wrestling days that culminated into NCAA, made this habit of letting the weight go even up till 218 in between the fights. However, the former champion now realizes that his own approach has started to work against him.

“It actually sucks because two of my last bouts were questionable”, noted the erstwhile champion admitting his fault. “It has been my fault partly. I cannot do weight cut. It’s not possible for me to balloon up till 218 & feel that Mike could get me here down to the weight. That is where I am taking responsibility. I’m walking around say at ’95, trying to get muscle-mass back & trying hard to gain weight. It would be great for me during the fight since I would have the power back within me, my steam & you would feel like that you are hitting hard once again. It makes me really happy & would help a great deal with my experience with wrestling or in fact anything.”

Johny’s fans would be glad to know that their superstar is focusing more on fresh approach rather than on retirement with the goal to never endure the brutal weight cut as was seen at 181 UFC.

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