Manny Pacquiao To Fight In Australia

Those who are fans of Manny Pacquiao would be looking forward to seeing him fight for the first time in Australia.

This would be his defense of the welterweight title he holds of WBO. The fight would be against Jeff Horn. The fight is scheduled to take place on July 1st and the venue of the fight is Suncorp stadium in Brisbane. There was also a fight with Amir Khan that he was scheduled to take on but the Ramadan timings have led to the fight being cancelled for the time being. Indeed, the fight with Khan being called off has led to the fight being scheduled in Australia.

Manny Pacquiao would be fighting for the first time in Australia. Being a Filipino who has under him four major world belts that he obtained in six different weight classes is recognized as a champion in eight divisions. There was a showdown scheduled between him and Amir Khan but that stands cancelled for the time being.

The super fight had been arranged for April 23rd and there was much hype about the fight in February. As the fight stands cancelled, all focus turns to the upcoming fight between Pacquiao and Jeff Horn who is unbeaten and an Australian. The horn is a new name in the fight circles for Pacquiao, and it would certainly be an interesting match to see two different nations come up in the ring in Australia. Manny is known to be a pioneer in his area and he has been instrumental in bringing world class title fights to different avenues like China and Texas. Hence, Suncorp Stadium seems to be the next new challenge that Manny is taking up. It also opens up new markets and venues for fights and fans can get to experience different places in the world as they take ringside seats to check out the fights.

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