Manny Pacquiao

Many Pacquiao is a professional boxer who hails from the Philippines. He was born on the 17th of December in the year 1978. He is the first boxer to become the eight division world champion and he has won the title in four different weight classes. He is currently a welterweight super champion and he is a very well known figure in the boxing arena. Some magazines have declared him as the best pound for pound wrestler in the world. He has shot to fame with his precision strikes that wear down any opponent. Apart from boxing he has also tried his hand at music, acting and even politics. He was even elected to the House of Representatives in the 15th congress of Philippines.

Many Pacquiao moved to Manila at the age of 14 to try his hand at boxing. He mostly dwelled in the streets as his financial condition was not at all sound. He was very lean and thin but he could box well. He took part in several street fights and made quite a reputation for himself. Then he was enrolled in the national amateur boxing team and his boarding and daily expenses were taken care of by the government and he had a total of 60 wins in 64 matches.

The start of his professional career is very interesting. He joined professional boxing in the light flyweight category after he lost a good friend who was also a boxer. He was very lean and thin and did not even scale the minimum weight requirement. Later on, he admitted that he actually weighed less than the minimum weight but put stones in his pockets to make it to the weight division. He made good progress in this division and even gained some weight and moved on to the flyweight division. Many Pacquiao knocked out many established boxers to claim the Lineal and the World Boxing Council titles in this category and then there was no looking back and he maintained hi winning streak right up to the welterweight division.

Many Pacquiao is a devout catholic and god fearing, during a match he was seen to make the cross on his forehead and chest several times and even did as part of his subtle victory celebration. He has a small family and he is also loved much by the people of Philippines and he will be always remembered as one of Philippines’ greatest sons.

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