Frankie Edgar wants to win big against Penn

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar finds himself in a really difficult position. He is preparing to take on an opponent he has defeated twice already and moreover, the fight is scheduled just twenty four hours after UFC 175, which sees both Chris Weidman and Ronda Rousey put their respective titles on the line.

And speaking of the precarious situation, Edgar said that with these two superstars fighting the night before, he just hopes their fight doesn’t get overshadowed by all the media hype surrounding UFC 175.

Edgar is up against BJ Penn and admittedly, he has claimed that the biggest wins of his career has come against the proud Hawaiian. First he defeated him via a split decision to win the UFC Lightweight Championship before getting a unanimous decision in a title rematch four months later.

This time, the two are set to go head to head at Featherweight.

At 32, Frankie Edgar is regarded as one of the premier fighters in the 145 lbs division where as the 35 year old BJ Penn, who will be making his debut in the division and has not won a competitive match in the UFC in four years.

Edgar has admitted he was supposed to fight Urijah Faber instead of Penn but the match fell through because Faber wanted the fight at Bantamweight and Edgar didn’t want to go down a division again.

Frankie Edgar suffered a defeat in his very first match in the division in a title match against Jose Aldo and he knows he has to win against Penn in order to get another shot at the title but he also knows no matter how rusty Penn might be, he will not be an easy opponent and it will be a difficult match for him.

Pacquiao agrees terms to Bradley rematch

Filipino boxer and former eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao has agreed terms to mark his return to the sport with a match against Timothy Bradley in a rematch of their title fight from 2012.

The match is scheduled for the 12th of April at the famous MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and will see the World Boxing Organization or the WBO Welterweight Championship defended by Bradley who is also closer to penning his side of the deal after agreeing the terms, according to Bob Arum, the CEO of Top Rank Promotions which represents both the boxers.

Speaking to the media, Arum stated that they have finished up the details, adding that they have finalized everything with Pacquiao and are on the verge of clinching a deal with Bradley. He then went on to mention that assuming they finish everything with the Desert Storm and everything is in place for the fight, only then will they announce the fight to the public.

Bradley defeated Manny Pacquiao at the same venue in a controversial decision win in June 2012 to take the 147 lbs title in a match where many believed Manny should have won long before and the judges got it wrong.

According to reports, Arum had expected to finalize the deal long before and there were even talks about a press conference being conveyed in Los Angeles on February 4th and New York on February 5th.

According to the representative of Pacquiao, the fight completely depends on Bradley now. They have agreed all the details of the contractual agreement that his fighter had been given and has signed on the dotted lines as well where as Bradley is yet to confirm his participation but the Manny Pacquiao camp is hopeful a deal will be clinched in time.

Manny Pacquiao fight will never happen

Pound for Pound boxing King Floyd Mayweather Jr. has announced that a proposed fight against long time rival Manny Pacquiao will never happen as long as Bob Arum, the CEO of Top Rank Promotions remains his promoter.

Mayweather Jr., who is a five division world champion, spent most of his career being under the wings of Arum and Top Ranks before an acrimonious split between the two in 2006 led him to join Golden Boy Promotions, where he has been ever since.

And while Arum has since indicated that the two have buried the hatchet and they are on amicable terms now, Money holds a different view and he has admitted the highly talked about mega match between him and the Filipino Bomber will never happen unless he decides to sever all ties with Top Rank.

Speaking to the media, Mayweather Jr. stated that everyone knows that at this point in time, the fight against Manny Pacquiao and he added that the one reason for the fight not happening is because he will never do business with someone like Arum and Pacquiao is his fighter.

He mentioned that Pacquiao is given a date by Bob Arum but Floyd Mayweather Jr. gives a date to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The two fighters, arguably the greatest Pound for Pound fighters of their generations, have been long at war and they almost came to blows in 2010 but the fight fell through after Manny Pacquiao refused to give into the American’s demands of undergoing regular blood and urine testing.

Mayweather Jr. is almost certain to take on British boxer Amir Khan with a match being scheduled for May as he looks to defend his Light Middleweight crown once again against another pretender to his throne as he rakes in even more money from the fight.

Pacquiao and Floyd agree to face each other

World Boxing Council or the WBC Welterweight Championship holder Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the former eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao have agreed to set up a fight several months back, according to several reports that have cited creditable sources close to both the boxing legends.

The new might have broken by several media outlets but the news went unnoticed maybe because of the broken promises as well as the disingenuous negotiations about the match several times before. Moreover, it has also emerged that each boxer has put forward his own set of terms for the match which his opponent has to fulfill in order for the match to go ahead as planned.

However, the mere fact that these two Titans of Welterweight boxing have agreed to talk about a match and see where it goes is of magnanimous proportion. The truth is people have been hearing so much talk about a potential super match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. over the years that it seems that too long a time has passed for people to still be interested in seeing these two behemoths land a punch at each other.

However, it is still a reality that if the two best fighters of the last decade do decide to enter the ring together, it would still outsell any match and it doesn’t have to be a title match for that to happen as well.

In a recent interview, Mayweather Jr. also went on to state that the reputation of Manny Pacquiao had taken such a hit in recent times after two consecutive dropped fights that the only way he can market himself is if he signed for his promotional company. But with Bob Arum still pulling the strings, that won’t be a reality whereas there is every chance a match between them will be.

Manny Pacquiao hopeful of a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The Filipino Bomber Manny Pacquiao and his camp has refused to rule out the much awaited and anticipated bout against the undefeated Welterweight boxing king and arguably the best Pound for Pound boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the near future. The legendary boxer is almost certain that the two camps can agree a deal for the fight to go through before he hangs up his boxing gloves.

The advisors to the former eight division world champion believe he has a great chance of forging a deal for a showdown against the Mayweather Jr. but are also aware that any potential fight will hinge on the performance of the Filipino against Brandon Rios in November. According to one of his advisors who refused to be named stated that a fight against Floyd is always a possibility and added that they have always maintained their desire for the fight to happen.

He further mentioned that the camp believes if Manny Pacquiao can get an impressive win under his belt against the up and coming Rios come the 24th of November, Floyd will not have any more excuses to avoid the fight if he really wants to have it and have his name etched in history. Pacquiao is coming off two successive losses at the hands of Timothy Bradley and then to long time rival Juan Manuel Marquez and the general feeling is that he needs to show glimpses of his past if the match is to happen.

But in terms of Manny Pacquiao demanding a 50% share of the spoils, it must be realized that the American, who is at his peak at the moment will not be open to it and he must come to a compromise if he wants to get inside the ring with the American.

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